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If you want to buy, just click here and you will be directed to PayPal. Use as the send to payment address and send $24.95.  Its that simple.  We can send a CD or provide a download link, or both.  Just let us know.

Let us ask you some questions before you read on; are you looking to build a teardrop camper that you will be able pass down to your children and grandchildren? If the answer is "yes," then you need to consider which set of plans will provide a water tight platform upon which to build. Are retail campers skinned in aluminum (or a composite) or plywood? You can certainly add water resistance to any design, but how much work will it take to ensure exposure to the elements won't take their toll over time. We have built our design on the principle that any water leakage is bad and will shorten the life of the camper. Will the materials used to make the design water tight cost more than other designs? Maybe, but if your time has value you only want to do the job once and tearing down a camper to fix a rotted subfloor or sidewall will not be fun.

These plans are as detailed as you can find and vastly superior to the other plans on eBay or from other sources. We have looked at other plans and they lack specifics and in some cases the description doesn't come close to matching the pictures (or more likely black and white drawings). Our designer is a graduate engineer with over thirty years of industrial experience and we have taken the time to get things right. We have put in over one year in developing this information. By agreeing to pay a small fee, we are providing you a license to all the information for your personal use to build your personal camper.

197 Pages/227 Color Photos

Camper CAD Files Included!

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All this for only $24.95!

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There are thirteen sections covering all aspects of building your custom teardrop camper with almost 200 pages and over 200 color photographs. You will receive the plans, which include for each section a materials list, a tools list, and step by step instructions. Also included is a list of the items we purchased and the supplier we used for each item. What makes these plans so special is that we are including the computer aided design (CAD) files and the link to download the CAD software for free. With this file, you will be able to make detailed measurements and make any changes to the design you desire...and see if it works before spending money on your build. We are also throwing in another set of CAD files showing you how to layout your wood cuts so you minimize waste. Now with separate drafting files in PDF (and xps) format showing the dimensions of almost all components and wood cut layouts without the need to open any CAD files!

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